Wind turbine refurbishment

Refurbished Vestas with 2 year warranty

Specialist in refurbished Vestas wind turbines to the original manufacture specifications as when they offered New by Vestas 2 year warranty full O&M packages offered with availability guarantee of 95% on 2MW wind turbines by vestas local service Ireland and UK

Wind turbine refurbishment with motor and parts reconditioning helps optimize the lifespan and performance of critical components, reducing the need for complete replacements and improving the overall efficiency of the turbine. Experienced technicians and specialized facilities play a crucial role in executing the refurbishment process effectively.

The installation process for used or refurbished wind turbines may have some differences compared to installing new turbines. Here are a few considerations:

When installing used or refurbished turbines, the site assessment may involve additional evaluations to ensure compatibility between the existing infrastructure and the refurbished turbines. Modifications may be required to adapt the site for the specific dimensions, specifications, and technical requirements of the refurbished turbines.

If there are existing wind turbines at the site, they need to be properly decommissioned and removed before installing the refurbished turbines. This process involves dismantling the old turbines, managing their components, and restoring the site to its original condition.

Before installation, a thorough inspection of the refurbished turbines is conducted to assess their condition, structural integrity, and functionality. Any necessary repairs or component replacements are performed to ensure their reliability and safe operation.

The logistics of transporting and delivering refurbished turbines may differ from new turbines. Refurbished turbines may require special handling and transportation considerations due to their size, weight, and any modifications made during the refurbishment process.

The foundation design may need adjustments to accommodate the specific requirements of the refurbished turbines. This may involve modifications to the existing foundation or constructing a new foundation compatible with the refurbished turbines.

Experienced technicians familiar with refurbished turbines are typically involved in the installation process. They possess knowledge and skills specific to handling and installing pre-owned turbines, ensuring proper assembly, alignment, and integration with the electrical systems.

Similar to new turbines, testing and commissioning activities are performed to verify the functionality, performance, and safety of the refurbished turbines after installation. This ensures that they meet the required operational standards and comply with grid connection regulations.